Can we use C#, JS, PHP, Python, etc. for our scripting rather than JAVA?

Yes, but we don’t recommend it. In our experience JAVA has the most comprehensive open source interface libraries including , iOS, Android, security, IDE, Performance, File Systems, Databases, APIs, CLI, Operating Systems etc.  Also, because we have already pre-scripted the common steps, you only need to do coding when creating new or custom steps, so it is still vastly cheaper and faster to leverage our existing JAVA based automation scripts, irrespective of your default stack.

Can we use our existing CI/CD server or a different one such as Bamboo, BitBucket Pipelines, Azure Pipelines etc?  

Yes, Nimbal Tree can execute against most common CI/CD servers, but Jenkins is still the most comprehensive and cost effective in our opinion.

Can we run Nimbal Auto run on premise rather than in the Cloud?

Yes, hardware sizing will depend on the peak workload i.e. the number of tests to be executed in a given timeframe.  The need for variable and scalable resource makes Cloud more attractive though.

Can we run the Nimbal Tree test management portal on premise?

Yes, but it is not recommended.  Nimbal Tree is set up in a private Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for each customer either on a new GCP or their existing GCP.  

Can we reuse our existing automated tests? 

Yes, Nimbal Tree can manage existing test automations alongside Nimbal Auto and will execute the test against the relevant platform.