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Gone are the days of rushed testing with no budget, delaying the release of still-buggy software. Nimbal enables rapid test and production automation with an ‘out of the box’ framework and management portal with Generative AI features. Individual tests take minutes to automate and implement, rather than hours, and can be part of your process from day one. Nimbal allows you to reduce your risk by knowing that your product is tested thoroughly, with no need to hire additional test automation resources.

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Our Offering

With Nimbal, you can leverage our expertise to help you get to production faster, without sacrificing the quality. Nimbal provides software, training, and services to accelerate the automation journey for large organisations or software houses. The core of our offering is our software:

  1. Nimbal Auto

    Nimbal Auto allows you to build automated tests in minutes, using simple English (up to 70 languages supported). This is a packaged library of interfaces and tools, with hundreds of prebuilt scripts, that allow the user to quickly and easily build tests using autocompleting drop downs.

  1. Nimbal Tree

    Generative AI powered Nimbal Tree offers visibility over test coverage and results, including video play back and live views. This tool allows you to schedule and trigger Automated and manual test cycles, and collaboratively write test automation on an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Web interface. It also comes with a hosted Mobile Device farm to run your mobile tests. 


Nimbal Products are AWS and Azure Certified

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Our Services:

Our comprehensive Automation framework means you don’t need to hire an automation architect to spend 6 months building the framework. Pre-created test scripts are quickly concatenated to build tests, which means you also don’t need automation specialists to create the tests, and you can start getting the benefits of test automation within the first few days.  You can utilise your existing development or testing resources or leverage our resources. Automating the end-to-end testing of an environment is counted in days or weeks, rather than months.

  • Training – With our Academy, you can learn how to automate and manage testing using the Nimbal stack in a few hours.
  • Support – included in your monthly license fee or outsource agreement.
  • Requirements and Test Case design – Nimbal resources are available to map business requirements, create test cases, and define required tests
  • Test Automation – Nimbal resources are available to automate your tests as needed
  • Managed operation – Nimbal can contract to operate your test environment ongoing, as needed
  • Migration – Nimbal resources are available to migrate existing scripted or Cucumber tests to Nimbal Auto if needed. Alternately, these tests can continue to be run in parallel from within Nimbal Tree
  • Platform Deployment – we will setup up a dedicated test platform for every customer by default in the Cloud, but for customers requiring on premise implementations, a design and deployment service is also available.

Nimbal Vs Traditional Automation

We save you time and money

Under a traditional model you would need at least 9 or 10 months to run 4000 tests, and all that time you’re paying a tech lead and extra testers’ salaries. With Nimbal, you could run the same amount of tests in just two months – and the only costs are the portal and user licenses. 

Do it in a quarter of the time…

Don’t get bogged down in the last step of development.

for a quarter of the cost.

By reducing the effort needed, you can cut down on the cost of testing.

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“The Nimbal Platform is enabling automation of ICICIdirect with millions of users in defining and building 4000 automated tests that can run daily and give confidence needed in critical customer facing application.”

Subhash Kelkar
Ex CTO - ICICIdirect

Nimbal is an easy to use and simple to understand testing tool. It provides a simple Low code interface which any tester can use and build the regression tests. It provides reports of the test cases performed with necessary screenshots. It has a feature of video recording as well, which one can use to identify the issues in the flow, if any.

The script for test cases can be integrated with BitBucket as SourceSafe. While one can also integrate Nimbal with Jenkins for building a CI/CD pipeline.

Can also be used for Mobile test automation for both Android and iOS devices.

Last but not the least, Support team is very prompt and addresses queries immediately.

Edelweiss Asset Management Limited
Devops Team

Additionally, we are integrating the nimbal-based test suite developed for the DEX into the blockchain pipeline. We will run these automated test cases periodically to identify any new bugs that may arise. We are also working on the automation of the cli_wallet commands and have verified the SONs functionality against the Sepoia testnet. This means that the Ethereum SONs functionality should work perfectly with the mainnet. Our team is currently verifying the same functionality with the mainnet of various chains.
Development Team

    Nimbal is built using following open source projects and we are grateful for their contributions. 




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